Get those creative juices flowing at this year’s KWCF VBS

Spark Studios is where imagination is ignited, and creativity is awakened. Whether kids are exploring their artistic side in the Bible Study Studio or Crafts Design Center, laying down a track at the Music Sound Stage, or bringing inventions to life at the Missions Workshop, they will learn, like King David, to use their talents to bring glory to God. They will discover that their creativity is a gift from the infinitely creative Creator who designed them for His glory.

God’s creativity didn’t stop in Genesis!

The Master Artist is working to redeem, reclaim, and transform us—His creation—to the original design He planned for us. We are His workmanship (Ephesians 2:10)—a masterpiece in process. So what are you waiting for? Spark your imagination and kick your creativity into high gear at KWCF Spark Studios.

The week will look like the following:

§ Day 1: God is the marvelous creator

· Looking at: Acts 13:21-23, Psalm 104

§ Day 2: God uniquely designed us for his purpose.

· Looking at: 1 Samuel 16

§ Day 3: Jesus is the king that God promised to save us

· Looking at: Psalm 118:26, Acts 13:21-23, Matthew 21:1-11

§ Day 4: Jesus fulfilled God’s Plan to save us.

· Looking at: Luke 23:13-25, 44-56, 24:1-12, 36-49

§ Day 5: The Holy Spirt gives us the power to follow God’s plan

· Looking at Acts 1:4-14, Acts 2

KWCF’s 2022 VBS welcomes all children ranging from the age of 3-12 years of age. This year, VBS will run from July 4, 2022, to July 8, 2022, from 9:30am to 12:00pm.

To ensure there is no last-minute dropouts, we are asking for a minimal commitment fee of $15 dollars. We ask that it is e-transferred to, along with the child’s first and last name. To accommodate everyone, we will be providing a family rate of the following:

· $10 – one child

· $15 for 2 children

· $20 for 3 or more

If there are any concerns about the minimal fee please feel free to email the children’s ministry director, Laura Marin at

It is a mainstream religious summer camp which means, we do welcome anyone between the ages of 3-13, However unfortunately we will not be providing special need aide to any children.

· However, if the child does require a special needs aid due to a disability or health issue, the children are welcomed to BRING aides to help the during the week. *The aides will not be asked to pay the minim fee.