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Ongoing Groups

Leader: Roger & Margaret Marsh

When: Wednesday 2:00pm-3:30pm

Where: Church Meeting Room

55+ Bible Study

This group is centred around an in-depth study of the harmony of the four gospels. The highlights of this group are fellowship, discussion, singing, sharing testimonies, prayer requests and a growing love for each other and those who join us.

Leader: Anca 

When: Mondays 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Where: Teaching Room

Prayer Group

Come join us every Monday for worship, prayer & intercession. 

Life Groups Sat Sep 23 - Sat Nov 18 2023

Leader: Ps David

When: Wednesday 6:15 -7:30 am

Where: Church Cafe

Start time Oct 4th

Men's Recharge Group

- 7 Challenges Men Encounter

Daily it's getting more challenging to be a man. Our present culture is redefining manhood and confusing men in their pursuit of Biblical manhood. But how will you respond? What will you say and do when the world demands a response? Discover how to respond by rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, loving unconditionally, living with integrity, serving humbly, and investing eternally. Let others see masculinity and manhood through the lens of Christ in your life with these seven characteristics and become a better man, husband, father, and leader.

Leader: Emily Kimanje

When: Mondays at 10:00am-11:30am

Where: church playground

Parents Connect

Our life group has been a refuge for weary parents, a new community for isolated homeschool families, and best of all, a source of learning for children - learning Bible stories, learning prayer and worship, learning leadership and good stewardship in God’s kingdom, and more. Nothing beats seeing children hear Bible stories for the first time.
As a beautiful little girl heard the story of Leah for the first time, you could see every bit of her emotion on her face. You know the look on a little girl’s face when the knight swoops in and rescues the damsel in distress and they live happily ever after? That’s the look she exuded when we got to the part where God loved Leah no matter what and that she was beautiful simply because He loved her. Disney princesses ain’t got nothing on God‘s love story, and that’s an important reminder for all of us!

Leader: Joe Groh

When: Saturdays 8AM-10:00AM  

Where: at the church Teaching Room 

Phenomenal Men's Group

We we study trauma, forgiveness, how to become the man God intended you to be. 

Leader: Jim Mettinen

When: Tuesday 7PM-8:30PM 

Where: at the church 

Letter of 3rd John

We will be going through the Letter of 3rd John.

Leader: Jonathan Cook

When: Saturdays in October 8:30 PM-10:30 PM  

Where: Everywhere


Hello, my name is Jonathan Cook and I will be leading the Saturday Morning Cycling Lifegroup at KWCF.
Are you aware that right here in Waterloo Region, we have over 500 kms of trails, bike lanes, and signed bike routes, with more being added each year?
The objective of this lifegroup is to get people of all abilities out riding their bike, exploring some of these local trails around Waterloo Region, and just enjoying the fellowship of others along the ride. The pace of the ride will be leasuirely and will adapt to the comfort level of the group as a whole
Each week details of where we will meet up, the planned 15 -25 km ride route which will be different from week to week, but will include a rest stop at some point for coffee (where possible) and a time of fellowship.
So now that Winter is over, dust off that bicycle of yours sitting in the garage or shed, and let's go!

Leader: Lydia & Henri

When: Tuesdays 7 PM-8:30PM 

Where: Downstairs meeting room

Prophetic calling

Our small group is about Prophetic calling. Studying from book of Judges, main roll of Deborah, how she rose up as a prophetess. This study will help us to know and grow in our calling and put into practice. During this study, we will have discussion, singing songs and praying. We will be meeting on Tuesday evenings at 7pm, at the church, look forward to meet you there.

Leader: Marko Kajtez

When: Tuesdays 7 PM-8:30 PM  

Where: Teaching Room

Young Adults Bible Study
Heart Of God

This will be a 6-week program on the Heart of God taught by Francis Chan. These mini sermons are about 10 minutes long, so I was gonna open with a 10 minute connect time, followed by worship, the message, discussion, and prayer. 

Leader: Ajish Balan

When: Thursdays 7 PM-8:30PM 

Where: their home

Worship Night

The heart and mission behind Worship Night is to come together as God's children and soak ourselves in the love of the Father and worship Him in the way that He has called us to worship Him, which is in Spirit and in truth. John chapter 4:24 says, "For God is Spirit and everyone who worships Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth." That is what we want to do as part of Worship Night. We will come together as God's people and surrender to Him and press on and pour our hearts out to Jesus. It's going to be a time of worship, encouragement, and prayer. I want to encourage you to join us. It's going to start February 23rd, Thursday nights at 7pm in my home. I am excited to have you join us. God bless you.

Leader: Elysia Cloett

When: Tuesdays 7 PM-8:30 PM  

Where: Main Floor Teaching Room

Women Group: Armour of God

We will be going through the book written by Priscilla Shier entitled Armour of God. 

Leader: Ken & Kay Miles

When: Tuesdays 7 PM-8:30PM 

Where: their home

Change your words, change your life

We will be studying the book written by Tim Stafford entitled, "That's not what I meant!" 

Leader: Sylvia Cook

When: Thursdays 7 PM-8:30 PM  

Where: Downstairs PlayZone room


Hi, we’re Jonathan and Sylvia. In this life group, we are going to look at Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships by Gary Smalley. Over the 8 weeks, we will discover the value of our personalities and discuss areas like honouring and essential elements to relationships.

While much of the discussion will be in reference to married couples, the principles apply to all types like friends, parents, siblings, and colleagues. So, if you are looking at how to get along with the people you bump shoulders with, then this life group is for you.

Leader: Roger Marsh

When: Thursdays 7 PM-8:30PM 

Where: their home

Eschatology (End Times)

We will be studying the Bible

Leader: Joanna Gyorgy

When: Thursdays 7 PM-8:30 PM  

Where: Main Floor Teaching Room

Switch On Your Brain

We will be studying the book Switch on your brain, by Dr. Caroline Leaf. I cannot tell you how excited I am about it!
What would you do if you found a switch that could turn on your brain and enable you to be happier, healthier, more prosperous, and more intelligent?
Dr. Leaf actually connects the dots between science and Scripture - explaining how we can indeed, be transformed by the renewing of our minds! Together, we will learn how to find and activate that switch and detox our thoughts using the 21-Day Brain Detox Plan.
If you’re looking to improve your life and become the person God created you to be, this is the group for you! Thank you and be blessed!

Leader: Rebecca Zivku

When: Wednesdays 6:30 PM-8:00 PM 

Where: Youth Room

Jr. Youth

Grades 6,7 and 8 come hang out connect with you new friends, learn more about God and each other.

Oct 11,18,25 Nov 1,8,15

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Andrew Mikelsons
Life Group Director


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